What is an apprenticeship in International Trade?

Our International Trade Apprenticeships can support new and existing staff and is an ideal way to build capacity and develop skilled individuals, with practical expertise around international markets and trade.

As Apprenticeships are work-based, most of the training is 'on the job' – at your premises with some elements delivered off the job by agreement.

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It allows individuals to learn and develop the skills required for employment and career progression in the international trade and logistics sector. Individuals will focus on understanding different modes of transport, customs documentation as well as developing an appreciation of wider skills and knowledge associated with trading internationally.

This Apprenticeship is aimed at people with an interest in working in international trade.  You will need to be prepared for hard work and varied tasks and be able to work individually and as part of a team.

This Apprenticeship will cover the following:

  • Understanding the export journey
  • Market selection and research
  • Routes to market
  • Transporting goods
  • Managing clients and expectations
  • Understanding documentation
  • Pricing and payments
  • Selling internationally
  • Customs and cultures
  • Identifying new opportunities

Overall, our Intermediate Apprenticeship in International Trade takes approximately 12 months to complete.  There is a good scope for progression following an Apprenticeship, including Higher Education as part of your workforce development and succession planning strategy.

We will...

  • Help you decide which Apprenticeship is right for you
  • Explain the way that Apprenticeships might work and if funding is available
  • Assist with the recruitment of an Apprentice or support existing staff into Apprenticeships
  • Design learning to suit the needs of the individual and the business 
  • Deliver high quality training and assessment on and off the job
  • Provide dedicated points of contact, including an Account Manager to ensure you get the most out of Apprenticeships for your business
  • Review progress at regular intervals and ensure that national quality standards are met

Overall, our Intermediate Apprenticeship in International Trade takes approximately 12 months to complete.  Progression opportunities are available including Higher Education.

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