Nursery Assistant  Apprenticeship 

  • Sector: Early Years
  • Salary: £6.40 per hour
  • Location: Coventry
  • Hours: Monday to Friday (37 hours)

Job Description

As an Early Years Care Apprentice, you will work under the supervision of experienced early years practitioners, gaining hands-on experience and theoretical knowledge essential for a career in childcare. This role is perfect for those who are enthusiastic about working with young children and eager to learn about child development, care practices and early years education.

Daily Duties

• Planning and delivering fun and educational activities with the children
• Play alongside and with children to support their play
• Contribute to children’s records through observation
• Assist with the supervision of children at rest times and at mealtimes
• Contribute in creating a safe, happy environment for the children
• Ensure the play area is clean and tidy at all times
• Working alongside outside agencies in supporting the children

About the applicant

ABC nursery is looking for a compassionate and dedicated professional to join their team. The ideal candidate will have the relevant qualifications and practical experience in child development. They will demonstrate excellent communication skills, creativity, and adaptability, enabling them to design engaging activities and create an inclusive environment. A strong commitment to child safety and well-being is essential, as well as robust organisational and teamwork skills.

If you think that you would be interested in this role then apply today.