Management Skills Assessment

  • Strategic planning
  • Decision making
  • Leadership

Management Skills Assessment

Just how well are you managing your business? Find out in 45 minutes with our unique on-line assessment of managerial knowledge and understanding which identifies key competences, pin pointing individual strengths and areas for development. With a flexible approach for benchmarking management skills, this test will provide an objective picture for effectively planning personal development for individuals and management teams.


  • Quick, easy, flexible, time efficient system
  • Provides feedback on 27 management skill areas
  • Accurately pinpoints individual programmes of personal development
  • Provides an objective measure and evaluation of training
  • Offers a personal report highlighting strengths, along with knowledge & understanding gaps
  • Supports benchmarking at a personal, team and organisational level
  • Accessed via the Internet, with instant results


  • Personal development
  • Getting the best out of others
  • Recruiting & deploying staff
  • Recognising & valuing differences
  • Developing individual potential
  • Handling poor performance
  • Developing teams
  • Managing information & systems
  • Effective communication
  • Presenting to individuals & groups
  • Problem solving & decision making
  • Corporate strategy and leadership
  • Operations management
  • Managing change
  • Effective meetings
  • Managing finance and budgeting
  • Win-Win negotiation
  • Improving financial performance
  • Managing performance & projects


  • Easy access to on-line assessment of managerial knowledge and understanding
  • Efficient use of training budgets through targeted development
  • Builds on existing skills and knowledge
  • Advice and guidance from a qualified, experienced trainer
  • Individual report resulting in a personal development plan


Individuals receive a documented report with a clear set of measurable outcomes and indicators which define strengths and areas for improvement. This supports the creation of a personal plan of development and highly targeted training needs.