Accountancy Apprenticeship

  • Sector: Accountancy
  • Salary: £12, 313.60 and above
  • Location: Leamington Spa
  • Hours: 37 hours per week

Job Description

As an accountancy apprentice, you will be provided with the opportunity to gain practical experience and develop essential skills in the field of accountancy. This apprenticeship program is designed to offer comprehensive training and support to individuals who are eager to pursue a career in finance and accounting. Under the guidance of experienced professionals, you will contribute to various accounting functions while acquiring a solid foundation in financial principles and practices whilst working for Burgis and Bullock.

Daily Duties

The daily tasks of an Accounts Apprentice includes a variety of essential responsibilities aimed at supporting the accounting team and bringing practical skills in financial management. This includes tasks such as accurately entering data to maintain precise records, processing invoices while ensuring alignment with purchase orders, and reconciling bank statements to uphold financial accuracy. Additionally, the apprentice manages petty cash transactions, aids in the preparation of financial statements, and offers support during audit procedures. They also play a crucial role in updating and maintaining the general ledger, alongside handling administrative duties like document filing and email correspondence. These tasks collectively contribute to the smooth operation of the accounting function within the organisation while providing valuable hands-on experience in the field of accountancy.

About the Applicant

The successful applicant must be an ambitious and dedicated individual seeking an opportunity to excel in the field of accountancy through an apprenticeship program. With a passion for numbers and a strong ability at mathematics. The applicant must be confident in their ability to contribute to your organisation's financial success.