Introducing Skills West Midlands and Warwickshire

Introducing Skills West Midlands and Warwickshire - Working to improve the provision of essential skills in the workforce.

Set up to support delivery of the region’s Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP), Skills West Midlands and Warwickshire is bringing employers and training providers together to reshape the region’s technical skills system. Their role is to foster greater collaboration between local enterprise and the education sector, raising awareness of the training support readily available to businesses from further education institutions and aligning skills provision more closely with the real needs of employers.

During the employer consultation stage of the LSIP, a process which involved over a thousand local businesses, one of the main barriers to the right skills and training was identified as a lack of awareness among employers regarding the support available from further education providers.

By bringing together training providers from across the region in a single place, Skills West Midlands aim to simplify the process of finding training programmes for staff, providing a platform for employers to browse different options and communicate directly with providers to learn more about their services.

With reviews and case studies available for each training provider, businesses can make the most informed purchasing decision, ensuring expectations are met with high-quality training that delivers the skills needed to grow, innovate and thrive.