WMP Officers Deliver Informative Sessions to Students

Two officers from West Midlands Police visited Chamber Training to discuss local issues, safety measures, and how to report concerns. The session was attended by students from the Hairdressing, Early Years Care, and Health and Social Care classes.

Operations Director, Rebecca Bond, says:

"It was a pleasure to have members of the West Midlands Police team come in and visit Chamber Training to deliver sessions to encourage students to have discussions about any concerns they have. The sessions were very informative and beneficial to learners. We will be ensuring to have regular visits from West Midlands Police to speak to our students."

These sessions not only enhanced the students' knowledge about personal and community safety but also helped to create a sense of trust and cooperation between the students and the local police force. The officers shared practical advice and real-life examples, making the discussions both engaging and educational. By addressing the students directly, the police officers helped demystify their roles and emphasized the importance of community involvement in maintaining safety and order.

For more information about these informative sessions and other events, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Chamber Training. You can reach out via email at enquiries@cw-chambertraining.co.uk or by calling 024 76231122. Chamber Training remains committed to providing valuable learning experiences and resources to its students, preparing them for their future careers and roles within the community.