Hairdressing Apprenticeships

  • Styling and design
  • Creativity
  • Meeting customer needs

Hairdressing Apprenticeships

With an industry employing over 200,000 people, there are a diverse range of salons offering services to both ladies and men. The wide range of clients and their varied needs create high level skills demands of the hairdressing workforce in a sector dominated by small and micro-businesses. New apprentices are always required for new businesses, staff replacement and for succession planning.

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Apprenticeships in hairdressing offer employers and their staff a structured learning programme with on and off the job training to develop the skills needed to become a professional hairdresser, offering a wide range of services to clients and an awareness of commercial understanding.

Hairdressing apprenticeships are available at intermediate level level 2.

  • Selecting and applying colours to hair
  • Fashion cutting and design
  • Blowing and styling hair
  • Long hair design
  • Creating a variety of perming effects
  • Understanding products and their use
  • Working as a team with senior stylists
  • Booking appointments and taking payments
  • Creatively style and dress hair
  • Creatively cut hair using a combination of techniques
  • Creatively colour and lighten hair
  • Provide client consultation services
  • Providing specialist hair and scalp treatments

A hairdressing apprenticeship at level 2 will take approximately 20 months to complete.

There are no mandatory entry requirements. The level is determined by an assessment of the individual’s job role and prior experience.

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