Mcglone Wardzynski Investing in Accountancy Apprentices

Accountants, McGlone Wardzynski, employed their first apprentice back in 2009 and have continued to reap the benefits of apprenticeships ever since. Director, James Rose, provides an insight into the way his organisation has adopted apprenticeships as a key part of their workforce plan.

The company currently has three apprentices, across different levels, and the training they receive is very relevant to the job roles the apprentices hold. It is tailored around the company’s work practices and environment.

Apprentices have been an essential part of the McGlone Wardzynski’s growth plan. They have enabled James to develop the firm, promote staff and create a diverse, highly skilled team. Every apprentice is different and has brought new talents and ideas to the organisation which has made a real difference.

Would you recommend chamber training apprenticeships to employers?

“Yes, I just think it's a great way of combining on and off the job training, doing the training that is relevant to the workplace and getting the apprentice to really understand what it is like working in practice.”

Find out what he had to say by watching the full video below: